A bunch of regenerated movie intros from big film franchises such as: Fox, Universal, Warner Brothers, and Disney. All intros were made in blender using templates found at website called woodyfamilycinema.com. The only intro that does not have a template online is the Harry Potter Warner Brothers intro because I added stuff on to the original Warner Brothers intro, so that one is solely unique. All intros put together using Pro Show Producer. *I have no intentions of claiming these logos or intros as my own or infringing upon coprright laws. They are merely recreated versions (or spoofs basically) of popular and famous intros.
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7 Responses to Custom Movie Intros – Lynch Studios

  1. guruBraniac says:

    how did you do the warner bros thing?

  2. acorntechnique says:

    Brillliant seelction of intros!
    Where did you get the Warner Bros blender file?

  3. LynchStudios8 says:

    @tebo1994 Do you mean that you want me to place a web address to download the warner brothers intro because if you do there is a web address in the description with the file

  4. tebo1994 says:

    ESPAÑOL: Hola. me gustaría que dejaras una dirección web para descargar el Warner Brothers intro.

    ENGLISH: Hello. I wish you would stop a web address to download
    Warner Brothers intro.


  5. LynchStudios8 says:

    @Youki133 um… yea I think I might be able to write up a tutorial, I will reply when I finish it

  6. Youki133 says:

    could u put a tutorial on the warner bros

  7. Hildegarde says:

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