Listen as the Frog Choir performs in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure. Video shot by Chris Nash For a full story on The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, buy the Summer 2010 issue of Orlando Attractions Magazine.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Frog Choir performing in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal

  1. nazquiter says:

    @warpeopledotorg I agree, you have a fair point, the performance isn’t magical enough to be convincing, althoguh

    they try hard. Maybe I should PM you?

  2. warpeopledotorg says:

    omg they totally spoiled the song…..and they are no where close to sounding magical im afraid.

  3. MMnoodlesoup says:

    @jos3ph2 and is it just me, or does the one guy with the frog look like Finn from Glee? lol

  4. YepYepYepNo says:

    …..Wasn’t the girl in the Slytherin Robes a Gryffindor when she was introducing the Triwizard Spirit dance in another video? :I

  5. efenege2 says:

    HAHAHA the hogwarts version of Rachel Berry…. LOL

    I hope that they sale the puppet frogs in the Wizarding World

  6. ThePlataformer says:

    i saw the cast of this show coming out on the exit of the Harry Potter Simulator

  7. TheMinisterOfMagic says:

    double double toilet trouble xD

  8. tabithacullen1000 says:

    HAHA! Look at the boy on the end at 0:09 -0:19

  9. valelmheart says:

    The girl must be a Weasley :D

  10. DoubleEyeDominance says:

    @runicproductions I fell off my bed laughing at your comment rolflmao

  11. catiewrong says:

    i remember when I was like 40 years old posing as a teenager. :|

  12. Jessrock09 says:


  13. herlittleNUTmeg says:

    @miep8675 same here!!!! haha =D

  14. miep8675 says:

    as soon as I’m like 18…summer job. lolz

  15. Infinitez109 says:

    …I think they shoulda got the teens to do it….. but nevertheless, it was good :)

  16. screemimi says:

    @LexiixoxRoxx YEAH SLYTHERIN !!! :D

  17. runicproductions says:

    hm.. looks like these students got held back…….15 years

  18. doomkema1234567 says:

    wwwwoooowwwww that all i got to say

  19. legoindyshortround says:

    why are a bunch of 30 year olds dressed as hogwarts students

  20. sailormoonhp4life says:

    @jman0955 so?

  21. summers760 says:

    These people are suicidal probably

  22. jman0955 says:

    i loved that, but wen i went at one point the ravenclaw was a fat indian dude

  23. MagikMimili says:

    I like the fact that there is a “student” of each house ! They sing so great !

  24. MagikMimili says:

    I like the fact that there is a “student” of each house !

  25. LexiixoxRoxx says:


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